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Sermon Title Sermon Speaker Sermon Date
Faith Required Myles Holmes May 10, 2021
The New Normal? Brian Raby February 16, 2021
Lockdown Longings Julian Freeman January 4, 2021
Unshakeable Faith Brian Raby December 15, 2020
Gripped by the Power of Christ Myles Holmes November 30, 2020
10th Anniversary Service Ian Hales September 17, 2020
Essential Services (Service Livestream) Ian Hales June 24, 2020
The Great Reality of Christmas Ian Hales December 28, 2018
Be Disciplined Ian Hales May 13, 2018
Do You Yearn For Heaven? Don Whitney May 7, 2018
Resolutions of the Good Servant Myles Holmes December 31, 2017
Light After Darkness Ian Hales October 29, 2017
This Is Our God Ian Hales April 30, 2017
From Where Does My Help Come? Brian Raby February 19, 2017
The Present Priority of our Future Reality Myles Holmes January 1, 2017
Summer in the Psalms Brian Payne July 17, 2016
Living In Reality Trevor Peacock June 5, 2016
Hope for the Weary Norm Millar April 3, 2016
Living to Glorify God Myles Holmes January 3, 2016