Online Giving

Online Giving Is Here

We are excited to let you know that you can now go online through your personal online banking and give to Redemption Church just like you would pay a bill.

Step 1: Request an Offering Number

Whether giving on a Sunday morning or online, you'll need to receive an Offering Number. If you do not have one, you can request a number by clicking the button below!

I would like toReceive an Offering Number

Step 2: Set up "Payee"

From your online banking profile, you will have to add Redemption Church Durham as a “payee” as you normally would for paying off a bill. It will ask you for an Account Code and that is where you enter your offering number along with the fund code you’d like to attribute it to. Please see all the open fund codes below:

G – General Fund
F – Facilities/Building Fund
B – Benevolence Fund

As an example: If your offering number is 029 and you'd like to give to the General Fund (code "G"), you would enter Account Code "G029".

Thanks for supporting the ministries of the Lord at Redemption Church.