Redemption Young Adults


Our Mission

Harvest Young Adults exists to see Young Adults (Age 18-30) mature in their pursuit of Christ and be connected into the Church.

Our Vision

As we meet together as young adults we want to foster a culture centred around three things:

Christlikeness: Pursuing Christlikeness in the Word

When we meet together we study the books of the bible. Our method is to work together and so our teaching time is highly interactive. Our goal is to strengthen our ability to read God’s word.

Connection: Pursuing Christlikeness in our Church

We want to see Young Adults pursuing Jesus by serving the Church as a mature disciples who worship, walk and work for Christ.

Community: Pursuing Christlikeness Together

We believe that community is important. On top of meeting bi-weekly for Young Adult Ministry nights, we also host monthly socials to grow as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Meeting Information

Our Young Adults Group meets every other Thursday at Pickering Christian School. We use these nights to fellowship together by studying a book of the bible verse by verse!

Myles Holmes

Director of Youth

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