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Rest: Receiving All That God Has Promised

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Sermon Title Sermon Speaker Sermon Date
True Rest Ian Hales September 13, 2021
We Will Serve the Lord Ian Hales September 7, 2021
Motivating Faithfulness Ian Hales August 30, 2021
Fighting for Unity Ian Hales August 23, 2021
Restless at Home Rowan Fraser August 18, 2021
The God of Lots and Lands Julian Freeman August 18, 2021
The Battle Belongs to the Lord Ian Hales August 3, 2021
Grace Through Judgment Myles Holmes July 25, 2021
Mission Failure Brian Raby July 19, 2021
Mission Success Ian Hales July 12, 2021
Mission Prep Brian Raby July 5, 2021
Rahab’s Redemption Ian Hales June 28, 2021
Rest: Receiving All That God Has Promised Ian Hales June 21, 2021