Matt Sylvester

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Matt Sylvester

Elder/Director of Men's Ministry

Matt was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in Pickering as the oldest among four siblings. At a young age, Matt was introduced to the Christian message and attended church with his parents and brothers. However, during the years of High School and College he intentionally walked away from God and lived very rebelliously. By God’s grace, Matt was confronted and challenged about the style of life he was living and was encouraged to repent of his sin and believe the gospel. Shortly after his conversion, Matt developed an insatiable appetite to know the Word of God, serve God’s people in the Church and was zealous to share the message of the gospel to the lost. In God’s sovereignty Matt was given the opportunity to attend The Master’s Seminary in California to complete a Masters of Divinity where he also met his beautiful wife Suelynn. After graduating Matt & Suelynn returned to Canada and joined the launch team at Harvest Durham. Since 2010, Matt & Suelynn have had four sweet young children, Jet, Roxy, Slade, and Crew and are enjoying a sweet season at Harvest Durham. They are so thankful for Harvest Durham and are excited to be used by God to serve the church, for His glory alone.

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